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Up, up and away


Published: 05/09/2016   Last Updated: 04/01/2017 12:24:49   Tags: Photography, Marketing, Selling

Getting the right property photographs can make or break a marketing campaign.  Great photography means click throughs skyrocket.  Getting up high is one sure way of standing out from the crowd and more and more properties are getting the aerial treatment. 

Not all properties have a perfect view from the street. Various things can be in the way that block the view of the home. Things like landscaping and fencing can make it difficult for buyers to see the front of the property. Pole aerial photography allows us to put our camera higher up in the sky, getting those hard to see angles and avoiding obstructions that might be right in front of a ground level camera.

And when you really need to get a feel for how a house sits in its surroundings it may be time to turn to the UAV or drone.  The shot above, a new house in Barton Road, was taken using a drone.  It was the perfect way to show the unique lakeside location.

5 reasons experience matters


Published: 22/08/2016   Last Updated: 04/01/2017 12:24:33   Author: Nick Redmayne    Tags: RAH News, Marketing, Pricing

This year, Redmyne Arnold & Harris are celebrating 25 years of selling and letting prime property in and around Cambridge.  Here Nick Redmayne looks at why experience and expertise matter so much when you sell your home.

1. The right valuation makes or breaks a sale. Experience allows us to market properties at the right price, based on 25 years of local market knowledge and the history of what has sold in specific roads. Under-pricing your home risks leaving money on the table while over-pricing means you may wind up sitting on the market for weeks until you have no choice but to lower the price to gain more attention

2. Good marketing sells.  You are competing with other properties for the same buyer so yours needs to grab the attention. Property marketing is about more than an online listing. You need to stand out from the crowd. High quality photos, an engaging description and clear floor plans present your home to its full potential

3. 80% of people buy a property within a five miles of their current address so local knowledge and connections are king. Unlike online agents who operate central call centres we know Cambridge like the back of our hand. We speak to our database of registered buyers and anyone who has viewed similar properties to yours, recommending your property at every opportunity. Following up every viewing allows us to give you valuable feedback

4. Expertise in negotiation can make a huge difference to the sale price. We have negotiated hundreds of home sales, we know all the tactics, the warning signs of a nervous buyer or someone who is not committed to the purchase. We know when it is the right time to push and the right time to hold back. On average we achieve 102% of the original asking price

5. If you agree a sale, national statistics indicate that there is a one in three chance of it falling through before completion. We have a success rate of 88%. Long-established relationships with solicitors, surveyors and lenders mean we are best-placed to ensure that everyone involved in a sale is kept informed and deals stays on track to the end. We can identify any potential problems early and we have the experience to deal with them quickly and efficiently.