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Nestled in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside lies the picturesque village of Caxton.
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Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable countryside experience? Look no further than Caxton Village, located just a stone's throw away from the vibrant city of Cambridge, UK. This charming village is a true hidden gem, with a rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and a warm and welcoming community.

If you're planning a trip to Caxton, you'll be pleased to know that there are a number of hotels and restaurants in the area to choose from. Whether you're looking for a cozy bed and breakfast or a luxurious hotel, you will surely find something that suits your needs. And remember to explore the local cuisine - Caxton is home to several restaurants serving delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.


Caxton Village is located in the district of South Cambridgeshire, approximately 9 miles (14.5 km) southwest of Cambridge in the UK. Nestled in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside, rolling hills, scenic farmland, and lush greenery surround the village.

Caxton is well-connected to Cambridge and the wider region despite its rural location. The village is close to major road networks, including the A428 and A1198, which provide easy access to Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

The village is also within proximity to the M11 motorway, which connects to London and the rest of the UK's motorway network. For those using public transport, there are regular bus services to Cambridge and the nearby towns of St Neots and Huntingdon. The nearest train station is in Cambridge, which offers regular services to London, Birmingham, and beyond.

All in all, Caxton's location strikes the perfect balance between peaceful countryside living and easy access to the nearby city of Cambridge and the wider region.

Population Size

As of the latest census in 2021, the population of Caxton Village is approximately 1,000 people. The village is relatively small, contributing to its tight-knit community and friendly atmosphere.

Compared to neighboring villages, Caxton's population is moderate in size. Nearby villages such as Bourn and Cambourne have populations of around 1,500-3,000 people, while smaller villages like Eltisley and Kingston have about 500-700 people.

Despite its modest population, Caxton is a vibrant and welcoming community with various amenities and activities to suit all ages and interests. Caxton offers something for everyone, whether you're looking to socialize with the locals or enjoy the peace of rural life.


Caxton Village is home to one primary school, the Caxton Endowed CofE Primary School. The school has a strong reputation for providing high-quality education and has received excellent ratings from Ofsted, the UK's education regulator.

The Caxton Endowed CofE Primary School caters to children aged 4-11 and offers a range of educational facilities, including modern classrooms, a library, sports facilities, and outdoor play areas. The school also strongly focuses on extra-curricular activities, with a range of clubs and societies available for students to join, including sports teams, music groups, and drama clubs.

For secondary education, students in Caxton typically attend schools in nearby towns and cities such as Cambridge, St Neots, and Huntingdon. These areas have a wide range of secondary schools, including state-run and independent schools, offering a range of educational pathways to suit different interests and abilities.

In addition to traditional academic schools, a number of vocational and specialist educational facilities are available in the area, including colleges and training centers, providing opportunities for students of all ages to gain new skills and qualifications.

Hotels and Restaurants

Caxton Village offers a range of accommodation options, from charming bed and breakfasts to elegant country hotels. Visitors can choose from a number of cozy and comfortable guesthouses, perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer stay in the countryside.

There are a few options when it comes to dining in Caxton. While the village may be small, it boasts many excellent restaurants and pubs serving delicious meals using locally sourced ingredients.

There are currently two hotels in Caxton Village: The Wheatsheaf and The Hardwicke Arms. The Wheatsheaf is a charming 16th-century inn offering comfortable accommodations and a traditional pub atmosphere. The Hardwicke Arms is a more modern hotel with contemporary rooms and a popular on-site restaurant.

Several pubs in the village, including The Chequers, The Carpenter's Arms, and The Three Tuns, all offer traditional English pub food and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Regarding local cuisine, Caxton is known for its delicious home-cooked food, with many of the village's restaurants and pubs sourcing ingredients from nearby farms and producers. Local specialties include classic English dishes such as fish and chips, roast beef, shepherd's pie, and hearty stews and soups made with seasonal vegetables and herbs.


Caxton Village may be small, but it has plenty of charm and character, with various attractions to suit all interests and ages.

One of the most popular attractions in Caxton is St. Andrew's Church, a beautiful medieval church located in the heart of the village. The church is open to visitors and offers a glimpse into the village's rich history and heritage.

Another historical landmark in the area is the Wimpole Estate, a stunning stately home and country estate just a few miles outside Caxton. Visitors can explore the grand house, gardens, and parkland and learn about the estate's fascinating history.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Caxton Village and the surrounding countryside offer plenty of walking, cycling, and horse riding opportunities. The nearby Wimpole Estate also provides a range of outdoor activities, including a farm park, adventure playground, and horse riding trails.

If you're looking for something more relaxing, several spas and wellness centers in the area offer various treatments and therapies to help you unwind and de-stress.

Caxton Village offers a range of attractions and activities to suit all tastes and interests, from history and culture to outdoor recreation and relaxation.

And for those who love the great outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, and exploring the stunning countryside surrounding the village.

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