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Estate Agency Marketing

At Redmayne Arnold & Harris we provide you with the best estate agency marketing available.

Eye catching photography

Bold and striking images help your home stand out from the rest and enhance your home’s online listings and other marketing materials. So we have in house experts to do ours, taking the time to choose the best day to make sure there is blue sky, picking the right angles and getting the lighting right. If we need to capture a specific aspect of a house, show off the extent of the gardens or highlight a unique setting, we get up high, using a pole system to get the right aerial shots.

Bespoke brochures

No two properties are the same and we create a brochure that showcases your home. Our bespoke brochures highlight what makes your home and surroundings so special. Clear floorplans with square footage measurements give buyers a clear picture of the shape, layout and size of the rooms.

On the web

Our website, optimized to rank highly on Google and other search engines, will carry your property details. The website has been designed to work across all platforms including mobile devices and directs visitors to discuss your property with our team so that we can quickly assess their potential as a buyer and capture their information for follow up.

Enhanced online listings

Your internet presence is the single most powerful tool for finding buyers – especially those from outside the area. Displaying your home as a ‘Featured Property’ on Rightmove generates maximum online enquiries from the UK’s leading property portal. We also use New & Exclusive listings at to generate excitement around the market launch of your home. We email full downloadable details to all buyers on our database who are looking for a property like yours and our team telephone the really ‘hot’ ones.

Press coverage

We send out a press release about the sale of your home. This alerts the local and national property press about your home and can result in valuable editorial coverage.

Open house launch

For the right home, an open house can generate a level of excitement and competition amongst buyers leading to more offers and a higher sales price. It is not right for every property but we will advise if it is right for you.

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