7 reasons why using an ARLA agent makes sense

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6 October 2017
by Redmayne Arnold and Harris

The Lettings Industry is a fast-paced industry in which legislation is continuously evolving in terms of both quantity and complexity. At a time when Landlords and Agents must comply over 100 pieces of legislation, it has become as important as ever to ensure your chosen agent is ARLA registered and qualified.

Redmayne, Arnold and Harris is an ARLA (Associated of Residential Letting Agents) regulated agent, and have been for many years. In addition to this, we have several members of the Lettings Department who individually, are ARLA qualified, having passed industry exams and continuing with training as part of professional development. This ensures our staff are fully up to date on industry changes.

Whether you are a Landlord or a tenant, here are our top 7 reasons why using an ARLA regulated and qualified Agent to manage your property, will leave you and your property in safe and trustworthy hands:

  1. ARLA registered agents are covered by the ARLA Client Money Protection Scheme, protecting landlord and tenants rents and deposits. If your agent isn’t ARLA and were to declare bankruptcy, or deal on the wrong side of the law, your money’s gone and you’re on your own!
  2. Any ARLA agent must have Professional Indemnity Insurance, giving landlords and tenants peace of mind in the unlikely event of negligence or bad advice.
  3. Our ARLA qualified members of staff are required to be trained and qualified in addition to following a structured programme of Continuous Professional Development skills – keeping their industry specific knowledge up to date.
  4. All ARLA agents voluntarily adhere to the Code of Practice and Rules of Conduct for their professional body, which means they trade to the highest possible professional standards.
  5. If something were to go wrong with an ARLA agent, you know you have an option to redress the situation by taking the matter up with ARLA.
  6. All ARLA Agents are regularly updated with government legislations, including important safety checks such as Gas Safety Certificates and Smokes and Carbon Monoxide (England) Regulation 2015.
  7. ARLA offer continuous support to registered Agents in the form of regular regional update meetings and a direct helpline to a team of solicitors, specialising in the lettings industry.
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